Being a “Sports Mom”…

Okay. I thought Dance Mom’s were weird. Until my daughter started playing soccer.


Soccer parents are weird, too.

I told my friend about how competitive some parents were acting, and then of course she had a hockey parent story for me. It was beyond psycho.

Then it dawned on me. It’s not dance, hockey or soccer.

It’s kind of all parents. And all sports. And school. And speech arts. And girl guide cookie selling.

When did we get so competitive with each other?

Speaking of competitive.

Who wants to win this?

Ha, ha. Did you get what I did there?



Total Value: Approx. $35

This contest closes on November 7, 2016 and is only open to Canadians.

Your entry is simply commenting below about your favourite sport story.
I love being on the Church and Dwight team.  They send us products to try and we love them, truly. Recently someone tossed a bun at Zed at a Halloween party and it had spaghetti sauce on it, OxiClean totally got it out. Poor Zed, he almost cried. But, now he tells everyone to use OxiClean. Lawrd.