Being a “Sports Mom”…

Okay. I thought Dance Mom’s were weird. Until my daughter started playing soccer.


Soccer parents are weird, too.

I told my friend about how competitive some parents were acting, and then of course she had a hockey parent story for me. It was beyond psycho.

Then it dawned on me. It’s not dance, hockey or soccer.

It’s kind of all parents. And all sports. And school. And speech arts. And girl guide cookie selling.

When did we get so competitive with each other?

Speaking of competitive.

Who wants to win this?

Ha, ha. Did you get what I did there?



Total Value: Approx. $35

This contest closes on November 7, 2016 and is only open to Canadians.

Your entry is simply commenting below about your favourite sport story.
I love being on the Church and Dwight team.  They send us products to try and we love them, truly. Recently someone tossed a bun at Zed at a Halloween party and it had spaghetti sauce on it, OxiClean totally got it out. Poor Zed, he almost cried. But, now he tells everyone to use OxiClean. Lawrd. 

8 thoughts on “Being a “Sports Mom”…

  1. Dance class when my daughter was 18 months old was when it began to get weird…at the end of class, one parent started singing the “clean up” song and the rest spontaneously joined in. It was a bizarre singalong moment…even weirder when you were the one who didn’t know the words.

    1. Yes! Singing parents at soccer…awkward when you don’t know the words. And my daughter looking at the singing parents like they were crazy. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she realized I was trying to sing along…

  2. I recall a couple years back when our team (hockey) was at an out of town game. We were sitting outside watching the kids and at this age there was meant to be no body contact. Some big kid goes and pushes my boy into the boards. Ahhh! No! I might have made a comment about body contact or something. But another person next to me shouted something else out at the same time. Next thing I k ow a mom from the other team walks over to me ready for a fight!! Yikes! She accused me of saying something awful about her son, ( and honestly I had NOT) I calmly told her that I would never say such a thing about a child, that she must have heard me wrong. Sheesh! She was totally ready for a punch up- can you see me hiding behind the lady next to me? I was terrified! I wish I could remember what I had said for real and what she thought I said but I can’t think of it right this minute. Parents !

  3. I have been a hockey mom for 19 years and live in small town Manitoba. Hockey parents can be intense here but I sure had my eyes opened when my son played hockey in the city. Kids that were friends fought on the ice then parents were yelling at each other in the stands and waiting room! It was crazy. Glad that I live where I do. I feel some competition is healthy as long as it doesn’t get too out of hand. I also believe in winning and losing, none of this “everyone gets a medal or ribbon” stuff. Having said that I think if you are 6 or under, it’s ok to all get something.

  4. About 6 years ago my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I went to a friend’s son’s soccer practice… little did we know the coach was our friend’s husband … Well we got to the soccer games and kids were running EVERYWHERE! They could not be brought together… after about 15 minutes of these kids screaming and chaos and not one of the actual coaches being able to corral them together my husband(boyfriend) whistled real loud and pointed to the ground. The next thing we knew all the kids came running, sat on the ground and waited for instructions on practicing soccer. My husband(boyfriend) thinking this was quite funny made a joke about the coaches needing an assistant coach to do everything for them. My husband(boyfriend) hated soccer, he was a rugby and football star all the way, no soccer or hockey allowed in his life! Anyways, the next thing he knew he was nominated by the coaches for him to be the assistant coaching for the next 4 months. He refused immediately… then he had a pile of kids pile drive him into the ground begging for the ‘cool loud whistle dude’ to be their assistant coach. He caved shortly after the pleading and pulling of his pant legs started and the rest of the story is history. Basically for 12 little kids pulling in pant legs and begging you to do something, you’ll do it; especially for a sport you dislike!

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