I’m Emotional About My Kids Going Back To School…

I’m quite emotional about the kids going back to school. Don’t get me wrong. I am ready for them to go. But, they are growing up and I am having a hard time dealing.

Is this normal?

If you want to watch more videos of me and my yellow teeth you can do so here.

3 thoughts on “I’m Emotional About My Kids Going Back To School…

  1. You aren’t alone in these feelings. My one and only child is starting kindergarten this year. I wanted to homeschool and my husband disagreed so public school it is.

    My solution for all of the feelings is taking on another kid. It could be a family member, a friends kid, maybe not a random kid off the street but a kid 4 or under. They won’t leave you….for at least a year

    I’m not sure if it’s a fear of change, or the unknown for me but babysitting a few days a week will keep my mind out of the space of “am I doing the right thing?” because I’ll be busy doing all the things that I think that I should be doing at home for my daughter for someone else’s child.

  2. I totally had a cry the night before last but I also fed my emotions with salt n’vinegar Pringles, a Toblerone and some mini Turtles!! I still feel a little off about it all but glad I let the emotions out!

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