My Kids Don’t Get It…

My kids don’t get how to give back to their community.

They just do not get it.

I think we have made volunteering such a big part or our lives that our kids don’t even know that they are doing it.

Does that make sense?

When they say “kids learn by doing” they were NOT talking about my kids.

I just don’t get it. We rarely miss the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life or the Scotia Bank MS Walk.

Family Relay for Life

We sponsor a family at Christmas, we bake and work bake sales, we sell tickets for school fundraisers, we donate to the food bank monthly.

Bake Sale

We. We. We. We. We.

But, never them.

I have never taken the time to make the volunteering and giving back to our community that we do- about them.

I think that is the key because something interesting happened last week….

We were invited to a birthday party where a child asked for donations to a non profit organization instead of birthday gifts. Our 5 year old boy was not sure about this idea. He wasn’t crazy about putting money into a bucket and not showing up, gifting his friend a water gun.  He was a bit confused. He was a bit torn.





And him being torn, made me realize that he didn’t “get it.” He didn’t get it because it wasn’t his idea.

This was about me telling him and his sister to give back to the community and how they were going to do that.

And I didn’t really get that until I asked them both about it.

On camera….



What I heard totally surprised me.

They do get it.

I had no idea that they had planned on raising money for the SPCA on their own.

That’s the key.

On their own.

And I want to keep fostering this.

But how?

What have you done to support your kids in giving back to their community?