Beat Bugs…

I just read a really great article about Beat Bugs from Rolling Stone magazine.  After reading it, I was ‘all in’ and pretty much had to force the kids to watch it the first time. I think most parents will dig it, but I think having my career in radio made me extra giddy to hear Beatles songs by Pink and Eddie Vedder.

I dug it. Our 5 year old dug it. The 8 year old was a bit bored.  Which, kind of bothered me, I wanted her to like it and sing along with me, but then I realized, wait, she doesn’t know these songs and the show is geared to the 2-5 year old crowd.

You can’t force a kid to like things.

But, you can force them to dress up for a photo op.

Beat Bugs


Thanks Netflix for making such great programming for our children that we can enjoy too.  I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. That means I get cool perks to tell you about our favourite shows. Mine currently is Grace and Frankie and Brooklyn 99. 


To celebrate Beat Bugs on Netflix, I am giving away 3 months of Netflix for FREE. If you already have a Netflix account, no worries, you can just add these 3 months to your current plan on their website. It is super easy to do.  Contest ends September 7, 2016 and is only open to Canadians.

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