Beat Bugs…

I just read a really great article about Beat Bugs from Rolling Stone magazine.  After reading it, I was ‘all in’ and pretty much had to force the kids to watch it the first time. I think most parents will dig it, but I think having my career in radio made me extra giddy to hear Beatles songs by Pink and Eddie Vedder.

I dug it. Our 5 year old dug it. The 8 year old was a bit bored.  Which, kind of bothered me, I wanted her to like it and sing along with me, but then I realized, wait, she doesn’t know these songs and the show is geared to the 2-5 year old crowd.

You can’t force a kid to like things.

But, you can force them to dress up for a photo op.

Beat Bugs


Thanks Netflix for making such great programming for our children that we can enjoy too.  I am part of the Netflix Stream Team. That means I get cool perks to tell you about our favourite shows. Mine currently is Grace and Frankie and Brooklyn 99. 


To celebrate Beat Bugs on Netflix, I am giving away 3 months of Netflix for FREE. If you already have a Netflix account, no worries, you can just add these 3 months to your current plan on their website. It is super easy to do.  Contest ends September 7, 2016 and is only open to Canadians.

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53 thoughts on “Beat Bugs…

  1. Ok so I couldn’t figure out if my comment worked through the linky thingy so I hope this counts. (I love technology like Kipp but I can’t figure it out!) I am currently binging on Bones, Brooklyn 99 with the hubs and my 1.5 year old is working through Paw Patrol for the 100 000th time!

  2. We’re the only ones on the planet I think that does not have Netflix.! LOL I would love to Binge watch all of these great shows I have heard amazing things about Stranger Things and Downton Abbey Thanks for the chance.

  3. Currently (and I mean right this second) I’m on episode 4, season 10 of Supernatural. When I done I will be watching Gilmore Girls again!

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