My Office Mate…

There are many people that I could thank in helping my business grow. prosper and become the success that it has.

My husband, my clients, my contractors, my friends, myself.

But, the real thanks goes to my 5 year old son.

If he wasn’t the person he is, I never could have pulled this stunt off.

He is such a chill and relaxed guy that he makes me a chill and relaxed work from home parent.

It totally rubs off.

He reads while I sit in front of my lap top.

He plays at the park while I return emails on my iPhone.

He watches t.v. while I have clients to the house.

He plays with Star Wars characters when I take him to clients for business meetings.

He colours when I take him to businesses to photograph their products.

The success of Social Jelly and Mommy’s Weird is directly attached to him.

Thanks buddy.

Thanks for understanding and being so awesome.

You remind me to take breaks to make cookies, to have tickle time and to go for walks. I don’t think there could ever be a better office mate.

I am going to miss you next year.

Storm Trooper