We Got A New Deck…

Three summers ago our deck collapsed. Full on, just fell away from the house.

Zed and a few friends tore it all apart and we had great visions of building a new deck the next summer.

Or the summer after.

Or how about the summer after that?

Our deck


“I feel better when I’m dancing on my new deck made of composite and metal railings”!

But this is our next dilemma.

How to decorate this glorious space? As far as I am concerned there really is only one place to shop for these specific types of accessories. O.co baby! I cannot get enough of these colours.

banner part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4
My neighbours are going to hate me because I am going to throw THE best parties on my super hip new deck/patio/happy place this year. You should probably have the cops on speed dial.
Just kidding. You don’t call about my parties and I won’t call about your dogs or that weird smell I smell on weekends.
I was given some perks to tell you about the plans for our deck.  Thanks to Overstock for helping a colour challenged sister out.



3 thoughts on “We Got A New Deck…

  1. omg I freaking love your deck!!!! I just spent 4 days on my knees stripping and painting my parents deck and have yet to do mine. Wood sucks . I have always wanted a composite deck . Love the overstock items it is going to look grand.

  2. I can’t believe yours fell away! YIKES! That new one is gorgeous. I love these new colours and I have been eyeing some of these things for a long time actually. So pretty. That table is fabulous!

  3. Love the orange and blue together ( purple is nice too !) but I am jaded. Orange is my favourite colour! Love the new deck !

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