Where Did April Go?

Since December, I have been dreading the month of April.  I have been hiding from it, just hoping that if I don’t think about it, the month from hell won’t come.

Guess what?

It came.

And I conquered that mofo.

It started with dance competitions for Whirlwind. Which not only include the stress of having her ready to compete, but also means 2 weekends away to Banff and Calgary and many nights in a hotel.  Fun but expensive and exhausting.  But, look at that face…..



After taking almost a year off from “new vehicle” research, we started again. We currently drive a Dodge Mini Van circa 2005. I love the damn thing to bits, but it is time for an upgrade.  So I have been spending a ton of time on line reading articles,,,

car shopping


My friend and I ran an amazing fundraiser for my daughter’s school and had 21 teams sign up and raise over $6000. It was called the Rad 80’s Road Rally. It is a Scavenger Hunt/Amazing Race/Car Rally.  This is the 2nd year we have planned it and it exceeded my expectations. It is only as good as the teams who are willing to be amazing.

Look at MASH…
Road Rally 3



Road Rally 4


Madonna’s…Road Rally 5


Then there was my Birthday where my husband took the most flattering photo of me ever. Every time I look at it I get turned on…

My birthday


Twice weekly soccer season started…



April also brings taxes…



Pus, the weather has been so fantastic that we just could not miss on all the bug free hiking weather…



It has been nuts. And I am not counting school and work.

But, have no fear.

It is May.

And my in laws arrive next week.

So, I will be spending Mother’s Day cleaning the house and grocery shopping.

Bring on June.