When TV Teaches Your Kids…

You know those moments of parenting desperation where you rack and rack your brain for a way to deal with the problem and then BOOM you pull a piece of golden wisdom out of you back pocket?

Side Note: I really wanted to say “ass”, but I didn’t. I might be growing up.


I recently had one of those.

One of our kids can get a little anxious about things.  This kid also doesn’t listen to us. At all. Like ever.

So I pulled this little mofo out of my back pocket…

Side note: Again I wanted to say “ass” but didn’t.

Puffin RockI know, I know, I know,

What the hell does this have to do with anything?

Well, this episode was about how important it is to listen to your parents.


So, I made the kids watch Puffin Rock. 

With me.

And then we talked about it afterwards.

I asked them why it was important for the little birdies to have stayed with their Momma during the storm.


Like, first try got it.


That never happens.

At all.

Like ever.

Thanks Netflix.  You made parenting a whole lot easier this week. Also thanks for all your support and love of this blog. I am on the Netflix Stream Team. That means, I tell you what we are digging and in return they keep my Scandal addiction in check.