Strawberry Slice…

Recently I posted a photo of one of my famous desserts on Facebook. And my strawberry slice is damn famous.

Yes, I said famous. Is it still famous if you named it famous yourself?

My answer is yes.



Due to Popular Demand here is the recipe.

Strawberry Slice

3 cups graham wafer crumbs

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup butter

1 package of strawberry jello powder

1 tub of cool whip

1 package of cream cheese

10 stawberries or so.

Mix crumbs, sugar and butter and pat into 9×11 cake pan.  Keep about 1/2 a cup to sprinkle on top later.

Dissolve  and mix Jello powder in 1 cup of hot water.

Add tub of cool whip

Add softened package of cream cheese.

Beat until mixed and heavenly looking.

Spread over crumbs.

Slice and add strawberries over top in any sort of pattern.

Sprinkle left over crumb mixture on top.

Chill for a few hours before serving.


strawberry slice

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