May Long Weekend…

I remember when May Long was about going camping with my friends and then drinking so much I passed out.

Good times.

Not really.

Remember the hanger over?

They were so bad that I honestly thought I was going to die and I would waste the entire next day by sleeping in the tent. Usually with a toque on, because it was May. In Canada.

Seriously though, sleeping in a tent sucked then, but it is even worse now. We don’t have a trailer, so we tent with our kids, I have to pretty much shower in A535 the next morning. It is pure hell.

Sure, there was something great about those days. Mostly, I loved the carefree way of life. Obviously, I didn’t know it was the most carefree time of my life at the time.  I guess you only truly get how carefree those days were until you age and have responsibilities coming out the hooo ha.

Speaking of hooo ha’s.

It is summer. I guess that means it is time to break out the wax, so I don’t have all the neighbourhood kids pointing at my nether regions at the beach. Again.

Yes, I said again.

Victoria Day EN



My May Long weekend is going to suck.

Thanks to Church and Dwight for giving me the opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador for them. I do get some cute perks for sharing what I think about the products that I use.