My Mind Got Changed…

I never ever really liked watching Pee Wee’s Playhouse. I found it annoying. I found it stupid.  I just never got the appeal of it.

Sadly, my children found the old episodes on Netflix.

Guess what?

It is still annoying. It is still stupid. I still do not see the appeal of it.

Enter Joe Manganiello.

No, he is not on the old school episodes. Did I just have you hunting for him amidst Laurence Fishburne?


Back to hunky Joe….


Had I known that he was in this movie and Chairry, Globey and Mr. Window were NOT, I might have signed up for family movie night a whole lot damn sooner.


Pee Wee's


I am on the Netflix Stream so therefore I get some fun perks to help me continue staring at Joe Manganiello. Like, I needed another reason. But, seriously, my kids dug this movie, except the weird alien part at the start. Honestly, fast forward that. It is about 2 minutes long and will scare the nightmares INTO your kids. 


Pee wee 2