Bot is obsessed with LEGO. I wasn’t surprised. He loves to play alone. It is nothing for him to sit in the living room for 2 hours and play alone with his LEGO. He has the ability to sit and entertain himself and drift off into a creative world of bad guys and superheros. He is a mother’s dream.

While Whirlwind is quite different.  She has no interest in playing by herself. She always wants a friend and hates to be bored. She has been gifted LEGO for the last 3 years with no interest at all. She has never had the patience for it.


She found out that another girl in her class loved LEGO and that turned the switch for her. The same girl also gifted Whirlwind 2 small LEGO sets for her 8th Birthday. Finally LEGO success. Whirlwind ended up with $50 in Birthday money and demanded that I take her to Walmart so that she could pick out more, you guessed it, LEGO.

But, not just any LEGO.

It has to be LEGO Friends.

Lego Friends

Yup, you got it, LEGO is now pink and purple and marketed to girls.

At first I thought this was a load of crap. Why do things have to be specified to specific genders? It really ticked me off. But, then I realized, that Whirlwind had no interest in the red and blue LEGO of yore. She also had no interest in her brother’s super hero LEGO. But, once she saw that she could build a pet play house out of pink and purple LEGO, she was in.

Big time.

And that I am okay with.

I am also okay with her watching LEGO Friends on Netflix. It is the story of 5 girls who get into silly adventures that don’t always involve boys or fashion. Momma likey.

lego friends 2


Yes, my kids are different.

Yes, they like different things.

Yes, pink and purple and superhero marketing works on them.

If that gives me two hours of quiet time, I’ll take it.

Okay. I finally finished Season 4 of House of Cards and needed a break from its wonderful awfulness.  Thanks Netflix for making a  kids show I can mostly stand. As you know I am part of the Neftlix Stream Team and I get perks in exchange for chatting about my latest binge watching obsessions. And on that note, when is the second season of Blood Line coming out?