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I am on day 58 of cutting back on the sugar in my family’s diet. Have you tried this? Pray for me. It is not easy.

But, what helps make it easy is Nutrition Facts.

Do you know what I am talking about?

And because I am a total visual learner, here is a photo to make it a bit easier…

Nutrition Facts 2


I frickn’ love Canada.

Do you get what is so great about this?

It is our government actually taking the time to let us know the facts in the food we eat. Take this jar of peanut butter.  If you read on the left the information helps my family make informed food choices with Serving Size. It also has the Daily Value by showing us the percentage on the right. Think of the % Daily Value as a way to measure if there is a little or a lot of a nutrient.

Happy Happy Joy Joy.

You see, since I started watching our sugar intake, its labels like these that I have really opened my eyes. Take these crackers for example….

Nutrition Facts


Looking at the Nutrition Facts Table (NFt) I can see that this brand has a low amount of Saturated Fat and sugar for its Serving Size plus let’s me know how that would look in our day with the Percent Daily Value (% Daily Value). For us, we read the Serving Size first and then look at the % DV.

Am I losing you?

Ok. Here is a good website to try out from  Government of Canada.  Also, there are a few other organizations that have jumped on board to make sure that all Canadians have these deets so we can make informed decisions like Food and Consumer Products of Canada, Retail Council of Canada and Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers.


I have something else wicked to share.


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Please Note: This post was a sponsored post. The opinions are completely my own.  Cutting sugar is hard, yo. This totally helps us out. 

131 thoughts on “Label Reader…

  1. I do not read them as much as I should . I do read them more than I used to though. It is scary though!

  2. I read the labels, but only when I’m trying to decide between two similar products. Like, which granola bar has less sugar? So handy.

  3. I read labels all the time, my daughter has allergies and my husband is a diabetic. I read more labels than books these days.

  4. I absolutely do read labels ! not only for my own health benefits but for food allergies in our home .

  5. I never read the labels before but now under the advice of a dietician for my son I have to check the labels for cheeses, snacks, pasta sauces, etc. And it really has made a difference in helping him lose some weight & lower his cholesterol so I’m going to continue reading those labels for his health!

  6. I occasionally read labels for calories, fat, sugar and fiber content. I’m trying to make healthier choices.

  7. I always read labels. Sometimes I know what they actually mean and other times not so much. Given the news about Parmesan cheese, I get the feeling that companies are trying to hide from us what’s really in our foods and therefore, make it difficult for us to make an informed decision.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  8. I always read labels especially for Sophies snacks because everything she brings to school has to say peanut free on the package.

  9. I do sometimes read the labels,,but not all the time,,usually when I am comparing 2 different products,deciding which one to get,I will read the labels.

  10. I always read the labels doesn’t often change my purchases but I like to stay informed and know what I’m consuming.

  11. Heck yes, I read labels!! It takes me forever to get through each aisle!! I need to know what we are eating and feeding our kiddos!! 🙂

  12. Reading labels depends on the product/situation for me. I suppose it also depends on what’s currently going on in my life nutritionally. I’ve been lucky not yet having to avoid anything in particular but I like to get my nutrients in and am suppose to get alot of calories, so I watch for that in new products I’m not familiar with.

  13. It would be great to win a $100 Grocery Gift Card.
    In response to your question of Do you read labels?
    Yes i do .I am trying to eat healthier so it’s important
    to know what i am eating.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  14. I always read store labels because my husband cannot eat wheat and also because there is so much hidden sugar and sodium in everything

  15. I normally would glance at labels to check fat but after my husbands heart attack (at 45) a couple months ago I read labels on EVERYTHING

  16. I attempt to read labels in order to make better choices….my issue is knowing what is an actual “healthy” or okay amount of the things listed… I definitely need a better understanding and to learn which ingredients/additives to watch for.

  17. I do but usually only at a few things, sugars, fat and the vitamin content. This is great information now I know more what to look for.

  18. I read the labels on items I am going to purchase and new products that I am interested on buying. I seldom reread the labels on the regular items I buy so will not know if the contents have changed.

  19. we read labels – we are more concerned with the sugar and salt in processed foods. We have started canning our own food and making our own stocks because of this. Its a lot of work but so worth knowing exactly what is in the food you are eating

  20. Honestly I rarely read a label unless something pops up in a conversation about some type of food additive,

  21. I’m not adamant about it, but I do read labels frequently. Most often, I compare 2 versions of the same product (IE Buttermilk vs original pancake mixes) before deciding which to buy. It’s amazing (& sometimes frightening) how many additives are in our food.

  22. We read labels a lot however it doesn’t seem to affect my waistline. If only I could follow the serving sizes properly…….

  23. I’m a label reading fiend and so is my kid now that a dietician came to teach them at school. So there is a lot of yelling bout FIBRE when we look at labels.

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