Happy Spring Break Giveaway…

Our Spring Break kicks off a little bit earlier this year, which is great, but a bit annoying.

Want to know why? Well, let me tell you.

If we go anywhere for Easter we will be travelling on Easter Sunday or Monday to be back in time for school the following Tuesday.


Am I really complaining about 4 days off?  I guess I am. But, this will make me un-whine.


C & D Giveaway

You likey?

I know you do!

Here is what is up for grabs…

         Vitafusion™ Women’s Complete Multivitamin

·         Vitafusion™ Men’s Complete Multivitamin

·         L’il Critters™ Gummy Vites™

·         Ella Henderson for Batiste™ Dry Shampoo

·         OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover

·         Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Paste

·         Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Clean & Fresh Battery Brush

·         Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Paw Patrol Battery Brush

·         Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Disney Descendants Battery Brush

·         Nair™ Wax Ready-Strips Legs & Body

This contest, valued at $80, is open from March 10, 2016 to March 24, 2016 and only open to Canadians.  You can only enter by commenting on the blog and telling me what you plan on doing for your Spring Break. I will then compile all the names into a hat and let my kids pick one out. I am sure that will be a great craft to do and should take them about 2 hours to write out all the names.

See what I did there?

2 hours planned of Spring Break already.




As you know I am an ambassador for Church & Dwight and get some perks in exchange for telling you about which of their products that our family digs.  My favourite perk is the dry shampoo by Batiste. Because showering is for suckers. 

106 thoughts on “Happy Spring Break Giveaway…

  1. We plan on having our kids and grandkids over! Plus we are doing a huge Spring clean up that is about 5 years overdue!! Fun wow!! 🙂 Maybe we should enlist our troops?! 😉

  2. Isn’t child labour against the law?????? OK, maybe it’s not exactly labour..;) Every day is Spring Break for me, since I’m retired. I’ll be painting up a storm – on canvas, not on walls (that’s the wrong kind of painting).

    1. Hey. My plan is rubbing that A535 all over my body so I smell like a nursing home (my fiance’s vice) and it’ll soothe my inflamation. I am playing the Lupus card here. I pull it out for special occasions. So, A535 and Mario on the Wii U. My man has odd fetishes. Something about the scent of geriatrics and Princess Peach. The toothbrush is simply for my pleasure. I have an oral fetish… For clean teeth you pervs. With love, Walker. Also, i don’t have kids. So I will be working for the “break” or petting my cat.

  3. We are planning to take several day trips to different beaches with our grandkids. Living in Victoria, we are definitely blessed with great weather and beautiful beaches!

  4. Celebrating my daughters 6th birthday at our house with 14 other little girls at our home…shoot me now. Happy Spring Break!

  5. I’m mostly going to be pawning my big kids off on relatives who love them while I binge watch some Netflix shows and nurse the baby. This kid wants to eat ALL THE TIME. It’s very time consuming.

  6. I am working for spring break! Yay! One kid will be at grandma and grandpa B’s and one in daycare. And most likely one bumming around with friends and his girlfriend.

  7. I plan on entering this contest like all your others and once again not winning. And I’m also going to see my parents.

  8. We are doing a Stay-cation and heading to Banff. Always so many fun things to do here in Calgary too! We are so spoiled with this great weather.

  9. This March Break we are cooking and trying out new recipes — we are testing a bunch of BuzzFeed recipes! It is going to be so much fun.

  10. Our Spring Break kicks off Thursday the 24th and goes until April 4th. I planned to take the kids to BC to visit family but they’re off the 2 weeks before Easter so that’s kyboshed.
    Guess I’ll try win this package instead! The toothpaste will come in handy as my teeth will be stained purple from all Cab Sav I’ll be pounding back to cope with the kids.

  11. I plan on spending some time with my grandchildren. They love to do crafts, go to the zoo and the older girls are loving learning how to sew. Last break they made outfits for their dolls, so we will make something new for them this break.

  12. We are spending a day at the zoo. Doing craft and art projects (crepe paper flowers) to decorate for Easter and Spring.

  13. Aren’t you lucky to have kids. I don’t. I’ll do nothing. Unless I’ll go get my nephew and find puddles to jump in. We like doing that.

  14. i am working on spring break – my 14 year old daughter is entertaining herself with friends, sleepovers, Netflix, etc

  15. Our plans for Spring Break(We call it Easter break here) is we are going to the cabin and doing some Fishing…i hope i catch one !!

  16. We went ona road trip to visit family and friends. Today we are heading to the park. On the weekend we are going to GWL.

  17. I am planning on getting outside with the kids in the warmer weather and starting to tackle my spring cleaning. The sun and fresh air motivates me and helps me *cough cough* deligate some extra chores to the hubby and kids.

  18. Spring break is nearly done here in Nova Scotia. We started with my 31st Birthday party. Went swimming at the Y. Did some things at the Library.
    Now we’re ending it with croup, fevers and puking.

  19. Gaining 10lbs. In four days. Possibly having my gallbladder surgically removed following Easter Dinner
    Ok. Ok. We’re going away to the in laws to celebrate our new niece a few haven’t met yet. And eat all things chocolate. Enjoy your two hours

  20. Your kids will also practice lots of hand writing with all the names (should I leave here the long version of my last name too? It’s quite long 🙂

    Unfortunately we spent most of the break with crafts and LEGO as both of my kids got sick one by one. Not that I don’t like crafts and LEGO, I just had greater plans…

  21. I had surgery on the 9th, so have spent March Break sleeping in and being spoiled. I *highly* recommend it! My kids spent the week at day camp, puppy when to doggy daycare and hubby went to work. I got an empty, quiet house, cuddles with kitties and lots of relax time. Now THAT’s a “STAYCATION”. 😉 Love your blog! Can’t believe I’ve only just found it!

  22. spring break has come and gone, uneventfully — my dream spring break would include lots of reading, shopping, baking, walking and tv watching 🙂

  23. We were local tourists during spring break. We checked out a Maple Syrup Farm, managed to get a cross-country ski in before the snow melted. We baked and made crafts and had a lot of fun!

  24. It would be great to win this
    Church & Dwight SPRING BREAK Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of
    What do you plan on doing for your Spring Break?
    I plan on baking some Peanut Butter cookies with my niece,
    watching some movies,going to the Children’s museum
    and reading a couple books.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  25. Our spring break was last week – we didn’t do much as I had to work, but my son had a couple of fun local outings with his dad (playspace, library, musuem,….)

  26. We will be having a fish supper Good Friday and maybe having a chicken supper sunday. My kids are in their late 20’s and no grandkids yets. Maybe a bit of spring cleaning

  27. Our break was last week and we didn’t get to do much of anything. Between me wrenching my back and rain rain rain, it was a dismal week. Got to the park one day and played pirates, defending our Bad Pirate Ship Aaaaar against the Good Ship Lollipop, lol

  28. When I see the great items in this giveaway, I start thinking of the items I can share with my daughter. Why not make two people happy, not just one.

  29. We are building a new deck during our Spring Break….getting ready for a great family Easter and birthday for my disabled mom.

  30. For me it will be all about relaxing, sleeping in, reading, sitting on the patio enjoying the mild weather, perhaps you’ve already guessed that I’m retired. 🙂 Easter Sunday I’ll be following the Easter egg hunt of my grandchildren, the excitement is contagious 🙂

  31. I am from BC and we are already into week two of enjoying spring break in Palm Springs. We drove down with our 3 and 9 year old kids in the car right after we picked them up from school/preschool on the Friday, enjoyed a 3-day drive, stopped at Disneyland for a day, and have been staying with my parents for the rest. Oh, and we drove my parents’ car down, so we get to fly home home and they will drive it home. So happy about that!

  32. My daughter is going to a friends for 6 days so we will be doing lots of things with our sons. Lazer tag, the pool and being with friends.

  33. I am retired but will be travelling to my Mother’s for the long weekend to help plan and prepare a family dinner for 14 on Easter Sunday.

  34. During March Break, my 6 year old son went to SportPlay Camp during the day and my 2.5 year old son stayed home with me and we did our own fun things (he was too young to attend the camp).

  35. Unfortunately the younger grandkids live far away and the one’s here are all grown up, so I see the kids going an coming from the school bus and I remember all the good times when my kids were at home and we would go horse back riding or motorbiking.

  36. Easter dinner at mom and dad’s house. Grandkids will have a small Easter Egg Hunt. Thanks for the chance to win a great gift basket!

  37. Our 6 year old grandson stayed with us for March Break. We had terrible weather, so we took him to indoor activities at our local Chapters store, hit golf balls at the dome , playground, and to the Maple Syrup Festival.

  38. I don’t have any little ones so no real plans just staying home & so friends are coming over for Easter Dinner

  39. For the Easter break, We plan on having a relaxing four days….
    Not! I have to work all weekend, so the kiddies will be at Nanas!
    The Easter Bunny will be busy planning on how to hide the eggs around the house, without falling asleep first. Lol. Happy Easter!!

  40. I went away last weekend with just my husband for my birthday and it was so nice to get away. This week my daughter is having a few friends over for sleepovers to pass the time.

  41. Worked 36 days straight, have 3 off but spending the first 2 getting ready for Easter Eggs at my house, then back to work for 2 and off one, not sure when I get more days.

  42. My 18 year old has been on break this past week and goes back to school on Tuesday. My 6, 7 and 8 year olds start their Easter break on Friday. We’re just hanging out at home, hopefully sleeping in (hold on… need to laugh hysterically as I haven’t had a full nights sleep in almost a decade thanks to my youngest 3), hopefully getting out to the park, maybe do some baking. Nothing too exciting.

  43. On our Spring Break we are swimming, skating, maybe sledding on the mountain, and just having lots of fun together enjoying family time. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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