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Remember when we used to book mark sites and surf the web without being told what to view by Facebook?

Honest to poop, I rarely go to website anymore, unless I am directed by Facebook to do so. Do you get what I mean? I find that the only content and websites I am checking out are ones that have been shared by a friend on Facebook. It can be thoughtful blog piece, Or a funny video from Lip Synch Battle. Maybe shared a link to a job opening, or possibly a recipe for One Pot Pad Thai.

What website’s do I still use traditionally? What websites am I going to on my own accord?


“Honey, you know that guy from that movie with that guy from Gilmore Girls? Not the first boyfriend but the second boyfriend. Yeah, him. Okay, well he is in a movie with that girl that used to be on Felicity. I think we saw it in the movie theatre before we were married. Definitely before we were married. Remember he had long hair? Nevermind, I will just look it up on IMDB.”


I use this website daily for Canadian news.


I try to get news from this site, but there is so much election coverage, I rarely stick around and read anything.


Damn it, I love this store. It is my most favourite place on earth.  90% of everything I wear and own comes from that joint. It is my happy place. Did I ever tell you the time Bot went missing there and they had to do a Code Michael? SCARY SHIT.


If in doubt google the phone number.


I am not even really in radio anymore, but I like to see what my friend’s are up to across Canada.


It’s kind of pathetic.  Now as a content creator I totally get how things have changed. We have to be thinking about images and click bait that will entice people to come and take a moment and visit our sites. How do we lure people from Facebook? How do we get them to share the content? How do we go viral? Shit, how do we get 2500 views?

Iphone June to Oct 2015 160

So talk to me, how are you using the internet? How are you surfing? Do you still have book marked pages?


3 thoughts on “My Web Surfing…

  1. Bookmarks! Now there’s a blast from the past! Haven’t used them in years, but took a peek and sure enough, there’s a bunch of old scrapbooking junk, paint colours, and endless folders for rental properties. I think I’m officially the most boring person on the planet…
    Find I don’t really surf anymore — I’m a get-in-and-get-er-done kind of person. Used to surf endlessly but found it was sucking the life force right out of me. I think Globe and Mail is the only site (besides social media) that I check daily.

  2. I still have mine. It’s so fun to go back and look at what I used to look at. It was very useful when website addresses were ridiculous. Who could remember all those extensions and Google didn’t exist? I especially love the historical documents from when my Things were teeny! Fun!

    Remember when Chapters first got it’s web address? There were signs with the addy hanging from the ceiling of Chapters and on every slip of paper they had in store.

    Now I laugh when my bread has an Instagram account. 😉

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