I Have Let Myself Go…

If you read one of my latest post about how my husband has “let himself go” since becoming a father, then you should know that I am also guilty of letting something go.

My home.

I Have Let Myself Go


House 5


I Have Let Myself Go


House 4


Dirty House 2


Dirty House 3


Sigh. I have let myself go.

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Also if this is your first time at Mommy’s Weird you should know that I hit celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels on t.v with Supermodel Tyra Banks watching

FABLife PHOTO CREDIT: DANNY FELD Danny Feld - Disney|ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution
Danny Feld – Disney|ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution





11 thoughts on “I Have Let Myself Go…

  1. My house looks exactly like those pictures, except more. More mess, more dishes, more everything. I, unfortunately, can do nothing about it at this time. I am laid up with two bum knees, unable to walk without crutches, and unable to do anything about the mess. My husband is foing everything he can, all the meals, dishes, laundry, running our video store, and looking after the nine year old grandaughter we are raising, who happens to be the messiest child this side of the Rocky Mountains. We cannot afford help, and i hate to nurden my hubby with anything more. So, when you finally get to do any clean up of the things driving you crazy, please be thankful that you can…..and say a little prayer that i get called for surgery soon, before the mess drives me totally batshit crazy, lol. Love your blog, by the way, it makes me laugh when i really need it. Thanks

  2. Ha! Seems like my house when my kids were your kids ages. It gets better. The ad that appeared under your headline on my screen was for grandma’s wrinkle trick which I thought equally funny.

  3. I was gonna say… looks like my house. 🙂 Pre-kids, it was spotless. Now… well, not so much. It’s hard to keep up with three little tornadoes. I’m waiting for one of them to inherit my neat-freak gene and start helping out. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, I no longer feel alone lol I am the crazy clean lady gone totally wild. My house is a disater lately, pretty bad when I can’t find a tidy place to take photos. All in good time, my mom always says “it will still be there tomorrow” but that’s the problem, it always is!

  5. It’s nice to see that you’re just like the rest of us…Your floors and counter tops look like mine but I still think I’ve got you beat after all my Christmas tree is still up!

  6. Hmm, yes. I was remembering the other day what my house used to look like before the kids – not only were there no toys, but I actually dusted and vacuumed and decluttered on a regular basis! 😉

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