Fuller House…

I am just a little bit beyond excited to watch Fuller House.

I think more than anything I just really want to see Kimmy.  Seriously, she was so annoying the first time I watched Full House that I am just dying to see what her adult character will be like. Kimmy Gibbler as an adult?


I think I am going to love her.

Listen, I get that its not going to be like watching an episode of Sex and the City.  It’s going to be wholesome.

But, wholesomely awesome.

So talk to me.

Will you be watching on February 26th with your family?

Guys. You are going to kill me, but I actually get to watch all the episodes this week courtesy of Netflix Canada. I am sort of freaking out. I haven’t been this excited since Jesse and Becky had their first kiss! SQUEEEEEE. Now, I have been sworn to secrecy to not tell you about spoilers. So I won’t. But, if you bring me spinach dip, I just might break.