My Body Hates Me…

My body hates me and it is making me sad.

Yes, I know I have abused it.


And it has treated me well these last few decades, but I am starting to get the worried sweats.

If my body hurts this much now when I get out of bed, how is it going to feel in 15 more years.

Lawrdy, lawrdy lawrd.

I don’t even want to tell you this. But, I started using A535.

I feel old.

Rub A535 (2)


It’s happening.

Plus I am going cross country skiing tomorrow, so get ready RUB A535, you got a hot date with me.

Boom chicka bow wow.

I am part of the Church & Dwight Ambassadorship program. That means that I get some perks and product to try out through out the year. And I loves it.