I am a full on over do’er.

Most things that I do are a bit over the top, but I am also incredibly lazy.

For example: If I am hosting a get together, I will make sure that there are ALL the appetizers on the planet available. But, bought. Not home made. Because ain’t nobody got time for that.

But there are a few downsides to this technique.

#1. I am a stress eater. So, I eat all the food.

#2. I am a nervous eater. So, I eat all the food.

#3. I am a eater of convenience. So, I eat all the food.

#4. I like to drink funky alcoholic beverages. So, I drink all the drinks.

#5 Funky alcoholic beverages, stress eating, nervous eating and convenience eating give me heart burn.

It totally sucks.

Especially at Christmas.

I am a stressed out, over drinking, nervous eating machine at Christmas. Then I end up gassy, grumpy and having heartburn that is so bad that I think I am having a heart attack and I make my friends take me to the hospital.

I wish I was joking.

Now, I realize this is all sounding a little bit over the top.  Please read the first line of this post.  I am an over do’er. That means I also like to be prepared. My Kate Spade bag is always PACKED with all the things I need to get through a “food eating funky drinking extravaganza”.

This is the latest product to get into my purse, Nauzene.

Nauzene 3


What I love about it is that it won’t make you feel all drowsy. I mean come on,  you are at a holiday party, you don’t need to be taking a nap!?

It contains no aspirin, salycilates or dimenhydrinate. Also, it doesn’t leave that weird sour taste in your mouth that other “pink” remedies. You know that taste. You wake up as if you were just eating an elf. Blech. If you want to get it you can grab it at Shoppers Drug Mart, it comes in a pack of 40 so you can lend some out to your Mom.

I was given some perks to tell you about Nauzene. As always, I won’t try to dupe you Weirdies.