Why I Am Putting My Phone Down….

I have always took pride in the way that I balance my job with my social life. But, I am not balancing it well with my family life.

My job, that pays the bills, comes in many forms that includes blogging and social media management. In fact right now on my iPhone I have 16 business pages that I manage various social media channels for.  That means I monitor and get the conversation going for those businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

I am on my phone a lot.

I am on my phone for my son’s 45 minute story time.

I am on my phone at my daughter’s 30 minute piano lesson.

I am on my phone when my husband drives the kids to swimming.

I am on my phone when the kids are at the park.

I am very thankful for this. I do not feel like I am missing out.

Let me repeat, I do not feel like I am missing out.

In fact, I am beyond lucky to have a career that enables me to stay at home with my son and that technology enables for that to happen.  I am very happy that I can manage these accounts while I am away from home and not lugging my computer to serve hot lunch at my kids school. Laptops and pizza sauce just don’t mix, yo.

Now, with all that said, I have started a very bad habit and it is time to put my phone down.

Every morning after I wake, and stumble down the stairs to the kitchen, the first thing I do is check my phone.  I  have always liked living in the Mountain Time Zone, that way when I wake up in the morning I have all those lovely Toronto emails sitting in my inbox.

I can get a ton of work done from 7:30 to 8:30 am.  I hug my kids while reading emails.  I listen to my daughter practice her piano while checking instagram comments.  I dress my son while clicking “favourite” on tweets. I answer texts while putting cream in my coffee.  I discuss the families agenda for the day while clicking “like” on Facebook comments. I sort of hear the words that my family is saying, but mostly, I have no idea what is going on around me. I am in my zone.

But something made me snap out of if this morning.

This morning my daughter stamped her foot and shouted, “Look at me!”

I put my phone down and looked at her.

She needed help putting on her brownie scarf.

“You never look at me when I need your help!”

I answered with, “This is Mommy’s work.”

She walked away.

And I realized how stupid I sounded.

It doesn’t matter if I am answering emails when she is at dance class.

It doesn’t matter if I check YouTube while my husband does his homework.

It doesn’t matter if I reply to Facebook Inquiries while my son plays with his lego.

When they do their thing, I can do my thing and when I do my thing they can do their thing. It can go both ways.

But, not in the morning.

They need me in the morning.  They need me to help pack their lunches.  They need me to help the find a matching sock.  They need me to give them a morning snuggle. They need me to pay attention to what they are saying.

I might not be able to go cold turkey. Sometimes there really is a work shizzle storm that needs to be taken care of at 7:15 am and I will take care of it. But, some things can wait until 9 am.

My husband and kids can’t.



19 thoughts on “Why I Am Putting My Phone Down….

  1. I am this, this is my morning and this happened to me the other morning and now I don’t touch my phone until all morning tasks with the kids are done. They can have 7-9 after that all bets are off 😉

  2. I totally feel the same. I check my phone when I first get up while I am willing myself out of bed. Then I don’t usually check it again until after I drop Evan off. Just too busy.

  3. I think we’re all guilty of this. It’s not easy to juggle both things, especially when this is our WORK. We are blessed to work from home and be there, but it’s still a job. I’m doing my best to be more present in the moment with my son. Today I’m taking him to the park and leaving the phone at home.

  4. This is me! I read your post out loud and my husband said “did your write that?” I am often “away” even though I am sitting right infront of my family. My phone is always in my hand, always. You have made a very good point here and I am going to support you by doing the same. Once my daughter is up for school, phone down. Thank you for making me realize I need to be :'”here” in the morning!

  5. This is a big dilemma for me. EVERYTHING I need to access is on my phone from phone calls, GPS, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, my website and social media. Sometimes it’s hard to find a balance.

  6. My other half feels the same way about me and the blogisphere. He thinks I spend too much time on my phone or my laptop. I took what he said into consideration and I have changed around when I’m in the “zone.” He understands that it may mean we do not get to go to bed at night at the same time together, but it is the trade-off for me spending more time with the family at other times of the day. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone out here.

  7. I was mad when my husband bought me an iPhone. I thought it was a waste of money and I had a feeling that I would get addicted to using the phone. As I read and comment on this blog post my four-year-old is climbing me like I am some sort of gym apparatus. I am in extreme introvert and my phone makes it so much easier for me to not participate in what’s going on around me. With social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter Periscope it makes it really easy to know what’s happening in the world instantly yet at the same time I’m kind of ignoring life as it’s happening around me that’s within arms reach. I totally get putting the phone down all the power to you for taking back your mornings. In my defense I used talk to text so at least my phone heard my voice today Great post. I’m trying to put my phone down more, I’ll get there.

    1. There was just a great interview on CBC Radio about this. About how our kids are learning their social physically and online skills from their parents. That scared me. Do, I really need to check my phone in the parking lot before I go to the store?

  8. I caught myself staring at the screen a lot in the morning – helps me wake up. I have promised myself to put it down until they’re off to school though, if for no other reason than I can completely lose track of time and turn a morning that’s going well into a horrible, rushed mess. Now I just need to get my husband to put his down too.

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