Techy Christmas…

Our kids don’t have iPods or tablets or anything of the sort.

Did you just gasp?

I am pretty sure you did.

Don’t get me wrong, they have some techy things, but just no real access to the internet.

Side Note: I wrote interweb, but realized how annoying that sounded so I deleted it. It is your lucky day.

Kidizoom Smart Watch

Bot is obsessed with watches. Anytime we are in any store he keeps asking for this smart watch.  I kept saying No until I really took a good look at what it was all about.  IT HAS MOTION GAMES! I know, right. Even a pedometer. It also comes with 8 games and you can download more games from the Learning Lodge. Plus it has a video recorder Bot loves taking video of himself chatting about… anything. He is a bit like me. Shhh… he is getting this for Christmas.



Tekno Robotic Pets

Ugh.  My daughter wants a pet so badly.  As many of you know, I don’t like animals. I don’t hate them. I am just not a real fan. But Whirlwind wants a pet so badly, that she has even been asking for a robot one.  These Newborn Tekno pets are so cool, they are voice and touch sensitive. They also walk, set, beg and so on. But guess what I don’t have to feed it or clean up pee.  WIN WIN. Again, shhhhhhh because we she is getting this for Christmas.

Tekno Pets


Jabra Sports Pulse Wireless Ear Buds

Guys. These things are off the damn hook. RIDICULOUS.  First of all they are wireless with 5 hours of juice in them. But, what blows my mind is that you can use it with tons of different Fitness Apps that actually help you work out better and it can tell you your pace, calories burned and route with the Jabra Sport Life App. CRAZY.


Over the next few weeks, I am going to be posting some cool Christmas ideas. Some of them I received in exchange for telling you about them, Some, I just dig and thought you should know about because that is the way I roll.

Are you buying any Techy Christmas gifts this year?