Momma Power….

I am consistently amazed at women. I am blown away at how many of us work full time, get our kids to school on time, start supper, get our kid to hockey, get the other kid to brownies, do laundry, plan a school fundraiser and still have time at the end of the night to come up with a hell of an idea.

Want to know the idea I am talking about?

Mommy Food Buying Co-ops.

Have you heard of these? My girlfriend in Calgary is part of a Mommy Food Buying Co-op (MFBC, if you will) that purchases pork, lamp, chicken and beef from a farm that raises animals in a natural setting and doesn’t use pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Basically, its a group of Mom’s that get together and buy a large quantity of the product so that they can get it at a discounted price and then they split it up between their group.

Get it?

Genius, right!

Enter my friends Tyler and Sacha…

Cutter Ranch

Tyler and Sacha are the brains and bodies behind Cutter Ranch -Where Food Comes From. They started their farm in 2008 with just 30 sheep and the clothes on their back, living on love you know, and now with their 2 daughters they have grown those sheep to a few hundred plus heritage pork, pasture chicken and beef. They offer their products directly and exclusively to the homes of their clients.

So why am I telling you all about my friends and how awesome they are…?

Well, its because Cutter Ranch works with Mommy Food Buying Co-op’s and they deliver these bulk discounted orders to the Coast, to the Fraser Valley, The Okanagan, Calgary and here in the Kootenays. I’m sure if you ask them they will deliver to you wherever you are. I mean, probably not Mexico, but you could ask.

Also you don’t need to be a MFBC to take part in a group discount, you could be a Daddy Food Buying Co-op or a Friends Food Buying Co-op or a Neighbours Food Buying Co-op, or The People I Drink Wine With Occasionally Food Buying Co-op.

Now because numbers are sooooo not my thing. I asked Tyler and Sacha to explain to me how pricing works and they sent me this…

Our Christmas discount is 10% off all purchases from now until Christmas. Food Coops can start at a 10% discount from now until Christmas.

Our regular pricing is below (not yet amended with Christmas discount.) Food Buying Coop discount’s are highlighted in bold. 


Berkshire Pork Pack:
Approximately 30 lbs @ $ 9.63 / lb ( 5% discount for 4 packs, 10% for 8, 15% for 12, 20% for 16 )Includes:
Cured Ham
Ribs (Baby Back & Spare Ribs)
* LAMB *
Whole Lamb Freezer pack:

Approximately 37 lbs @ $ 11.87 / lb ( 5% discount for 2, 10% for 4, 15% for 6, 20% for 8 )

Half Lamb Freezer Pack:

Approximately 18 lbs @ $ 13.05 / lb ( 5% discount for 4, 10% for 8, 15% for 12, 20% for 16 )

Lamb Freezer packs include:
Rack of Lamb
Leg of Lamb
Ribs (optional)
Shoulder roast &/or steaks
Stew or Ground
Whole roasting chicken
Approximately 6 lbs @ $ 4.75 / lb
Please note that all prices are tax free and include delivery directly to you. These are considered farm gate sales, so they are zero tax rated.

Specialized cuts can be made upon request at no charge. 

If any of this is confusing to you, then email them or give them a call website.  Also, you can just be a regular joe like me and order from them and not be part of a Food Buying Co-op.  For us, its nice to know where our food comes from. And it tasted amazing, we just baconed out BIG TIME.
Now this is the part of the post where I try desperately to not make any inappropriate jokes about my friend’s husband’s meat. Please appreciate how hard it was for me to not say something stupid this entire time. This may or may not be deleted by the time Tyler reads this.