Inside Out…

We took the kids to see Inside Out when it was in theatres.

Whirlwind dug it a ton.

4 year old Bot, not so much.

When the movie was over he loudly announced, “Was that it?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“But nothing was Inside Out…” he stammered.  “Not even her shirt, not even her pants. Nothing. Nothing was Inside Out!”

I’m not sure if he was the target market for Disney Pixar but Whirlwind sure was.  Her very best friend is on the autism spectrum.  She started to ask questions about his feelings. She wanted to know if we all have characters in our head that make mistakes with our feelings.  She wanted to know why sometimes her friend got mad at her for jumping to high on the trampoline. She wanted to know why he won’t eat anything but hot dogs and macaroni and cheese when he comes to our house. After talking about how we are all born different. She got quiet. Which is odd for her. I assumed she was taking it all in.

“Do you have any more questions?”

“Yeah, when can D come over to play?”

“Now.” I replied and texted his Mom.


Inside Out

Inside Out is available in stores now, just in time for Christmas. Be ready to have some amazing conversations with your kids. Thanks to Disney Pixar for sending us a copy.

3 thoughts on “Inside Out…

  1. My emotional child…. in the theatre kept yelling out SHE SAD? SHE HAPPY? to every single emotion. It has been a big hit in our house, we bought it on DVD too and it has been on pretty much non stop.

  2. Watched it for the first time on Friday night with the fam. The kids were a bit scared towards the end – might have been a little young. Me? I bawled like a baby when Bing Bong helped out Joy by doing what he did.

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