Calgary With Kids…

Please note that we did receive hotel stays with IHG as a perk for sharing our family adventure with the readers of Mommy’s Weird. 


You know those family holidays that the family just keeps talking and talking about.

No, not the holiday where Grandma lost her teeth. The kind of holiday where EVERYONE had the best time?

We just had it in Calgary, Alberta.

Let’s begin…

We began our 4 hour drive at 4 pm so by the time we arrived at Holiday Inn Express & Suites: University Area, the kids were squirrely. They were ready to hit the waterslide, pool and take advantage of the late night pancakes. I pretty much never book a hotel without a pool and a waterslide is always a complete bonus for us.

Holiday Inn 2


Holiday Inn 4


After a great nights sleep, where each of us slept with a kid an took kick to the abdomen, we had our complimentary breakfast and  we took off to meet some friends at the Calgary Zoo



First we had to hit up Dinosaurs Alive. I had been hearing so much about it on social media that I had to get in on my own #dinosaurselfie…


The kids just had a blast running around and looking at everything. I think it would be pretty impossible for them to name their most favourite part. I mean, we were there over 5 hours! But, I know that Zed was pretty into the Beaver Tails.




The Calgary Zoo always blows my mind. They are always on their game with updating their displays and keeping the programs fresh. We have been to the Zoo before and its always a new experience. It really wan an epic day for us.  We were too exhausted to hit up a restaurant and ordered pizza, pasta and of course wings to our room at Holiday Inn Express & Suites.  I totally had intentions of sharing a photo of myself covered in wing sauce, but honest to goodness we were so hungry I forgot.

But, I didn’t forget the $ shot!

Look at this kid enjoying his complimentary Express Start Breakfast Buffet…

Holiday Inn 1

My kids always go a bit bananas (no pun intended) at breakfast. They sort of take ownership of the joint.  It was so cute Whirlwind was teaching a couple of men in their seventies how to use the pancake machine.

After a huge breakfast we were off to Calaway Park...



Okay, so we had never been to Calaway before and it sort of blew our minds.  I pretty much blamed everyone I knew for not telling us how awesome this place was.


You have to go.

Every single time Bot got off a ride he would yell, “THAT WAS AWESOME!” It was beyond adorable. Whirlwind loves to dance and was pretty obsessed with the shows.  And I gotta say that Zed and I pretty much held hands the entire time. The expression on our kids faces, the excitement in their voices, that just makes me all lovey inside.

Was that too much?


Here are some pics from our day…
Calaway 2Calaway









We honestly cannot wait to go back, Timber Falls ride will be our first stop. We were all a bit chicken to go on this time around…

Calaway 3


What I love about Calaway Park is that the rides are totally age appropriate for our kids. It wasn’t all about the thrill rides.  It was totally family fun.  And that is the thing about our family. We pretty much love everything.  I am not sure if we are the perfect people to do reviews, because rarely are we a bunch of Debbie and Darren Downers. We totally dig life. We love to laugh. We love to experience things. And this weekend was no different.

Thanks so much to IHG , Calaway Park and Calgary Zoo  hosting us. We had the most awesome weekend. With no mishaps. Unless you count Zed being the worst at parking ever, but let’s not mention that to him.

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