My Little Athlete…

I’m not sure which sport or activity is going to stick for Whirlwind.

She sort of digs it all.

Swimming, dance, soccer, running.

She just digs life, that kid. I mean look at that face….

FaceYes, I just posted a photo of winter.

Please forgive me.

I think this might help..

How about an amazing Back to School Summer Clearance Sale from the amazing Canadian company limeapple?!

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We did receive some adorable active wear that will stand the test of time with wash after wash in exchange for telling you about this sale. But, if you have an active kid then limeapple really is the place for you. I first heard about the store at a dance competition. It was the must hit spot for the non Calgary Mom’s that were at the competition because its moisture wicking and doesn’t pill.  But, of course you can order online too. Free shipping over with orders over $25!

How cute is Whirldwind in her new threads…
Limeapple  Limepple


Don’t forget the sale at limeapple runs August 14 to 16th, 2015.

Set your phone alarm!