My Blogging 4th Anniversary…

I have been starting and stopping this post at least 12 times.  You see it was recently the 4th Anniversary of Mommy’s Weird.  I have many people to thank. Here goes….

I want to thank you all for your support. It means so much to have you take the time out of your day to come here and read the crap I put out into the universe. I do this for me, but I do it for you.  Your support on Mommy’s Weird is visible in my numbers, but your comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube consistently have me slayed. You rock, Weirdies.

I want to thank my friends for telling me to start a blog. It was a long time ago. I will never forget the two conversations I had with each of you. You changed my life. Thanks.

I want to thank the first few bloggers who helped me out and believed in me. Your comments in the beginning meant so much to me.  It made me feel less alone in this big space of internetting. Wait, I just made up a new word. Meh.

I want to thank my current blogging communities for your help. I have learned so much from you in real life, in Facebook groups and at conferences. Thanks for answering up the phone when I can’t figure out how to size a photo or add a category. Thanks for messaging me to fix my spelling mistakes. You should really do that more often. Thanks for chatting with me late at night and giving me support in every which way in my life. You are all amazing. But, there are a few of you that are solid as the mold on my toilet. I adore you.

Blogging Community

I want to thank my friends for being blogger fodder. If I had a dollar for every time any of you had announced “DO NOT PUT THIS ON YOUR BLOG!” I would be rich as all hell. But, you have been my greatest supporters. You write for me, you click like, you share. I don’t think you even understand how much that really means to me. I appreciate you. Thanks for letting me constantly interrupt our time together to take photos and then use them without asking you on Social Media.


I want to thank the brands, pr firms and my ad network for getting me.  You get that being authentic is important to me. You let me be me. You get that I need to be that.  You offer me opportunities that will fit me and no one else.  You know that I am not scared. I love that you get me. Your support has enabled me to turn my blog and social media business into a full on career.  For that I am eternally thankful. There are times that I really miss radio, but I do have a secret. My hiatus is about to end. Shhhhhhh.

I want to thank my tech guy for reading my stupid texts, keeping my websites online and accepting payment in the form of beer.

I want to thank my community, the place where I am raising my family, and the place I call home.  You have been very kind.  You have supported my business with your business.  I live in a wonderful part of the world.

I want to thank online publications for “syndicating” my writing. Your trust in me is larger than it should be. I am waiting for you to wake up and fire me.

I want to thank my Wives, my Sisters and my Ya Ya’s for listening to my shit. For being the truest forms of awesome. Knowing that someone ferociously has your back is the coolest thing. You make me stronger. Daily. You make me strive to be a better person.


I want to thank my home town. You all read my blog. All 238 of you. Its flattering as (I really want to say fuck, but it doesn’t seem like the right time to say it) all heck.

I want to thank my family.  I know you don’t get it. I know you don’t want to get it. I know that you can be judgey dicks. I am not sure why I am thanking you. Maybe because this is as close to an Emmy I am ever going to get. I love you jerks. You really are jerks. I think you knew that already. But in case you forgot, I have never met such terribly jerky siblings in my life. My parents should win an award.


I want to thank my kids. I am not sure how much longer this is going to last. But, when you get older and perhaps pissed off about Mommy’s Weird, I am going to remind you about all the cool toys, iPads, vacations and clothes that I got you. Also, there are about 3000 other stories I would like to share about you that I haven’t. So you should be thanking me. But in all honesty, Whirlwind and Bot, thanks for making me a Mom. In all honesty, its not my most favourite job. But, you kids continue to “bring it” every damn day. I am on my toes with you little turkeys. I adore you.

But, mostly, I want to thank this guy…

The Zeds


You don’t get any words, Zed, just a photo of your beautiful face.

Actually,  if you are lucky I will let you hang out in Funky Town tonight.

That was too far wasn’t it?

Okay, you get some words. Thanks for loving me when I go to far. But, I think that’s what made you love me in the first place. Especially after that first date.

Wait, that was too far again.


Thanks for getting that sometimes the crap I do on Mommy’s Weird is more important than vegetables for supper.


ps. Please enjoy the spelling errors in the post. I wanted to surprise my friends who edit for me with this post. Oh let’s be honest. I am lazy as Garfield