Marc’s Tea

My friend’s husband Marc is one of the most passionate men I have ever met. And he thinks I should make my own version of Twisted Tea.

He is intensely creative. I think a weekend with him would be stimulating to the point to exhaustion. But, I enjoy him very much. And I probably hold him waaaay too long when I hug him.

My last visit with him left me with about 12 ideas for the blog. The first came after he watched me drink Twisted Tea. Marc thought he could make me something that tasted much better.

He was right.


Marc's Tea


Marc's Tea


Marc's Tea



Marc's Tea

I give you Marc’s Tea…

– Brew a pot of tea.

– Add 1/4 cup sugar and 2 sliced lemons

-Pour over ice

-Add vodka or gin to your glass, pour in tea.

Yup. That easy.

p.s If you liked that then you are going to go bananas for this recipe for Homemade Sweet Tea Vodka. Yes. Tea flavoured vodka. SQUUUUUUEEEE!