I Am Not A Blogger Shirts…

This summer on my trip to home to Manitoba, I saw this shirt in the Brandon Walmart.  I was going to buy it. But, then thought it was super stupid because I am a blogger and I am super proud of it. So, I took a photo and a week or so later I posted it on Social Media.

Blog shirt

My friend Sarah from Doing All the Things, saw the post and pretty much told me I was an idiot for not buying the shirt. So, she went out and bought the shirt for herself …



I ended up feeling super duper jealous, so I bought the shirt for myself.

FYI: The shirt is not faulty. Just the photographer. And the mirror. I guess.

Blogger shirt 2

Then things got a little silly.

Let me explain….


So, I put the call out to Canadian Bloggers.  And most of these women I have never met, in fact some of their blogs I have never even heard of before, but they all had the urge to laugh at themselves and be silly. And you all know I love that.

So let’s get silly…..


Even sillier..

(note the W… so cute!)



I can’t be sure, but from what my very sophisticated math skills, I have figured out that approximately 20 shirts were bought across Canada by bloggers who are bloggers. I am not sure of the stats on how many were sold by those who are “not bloggers'” which, the shirt was probably intended for in the first place.

Jokes on them.

Or maybe not.

All I can think is that the folks at Walmart are checking over their monthly stats, scratching their heads and planning on putting the word “Blogger” on headbands, cookies, laundry detergent and tents.

Thanks to the following Canadian Bloggers for sharing in the fun with me.

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12 thoughts on “I Am Not A Blogger Shirts…

  1. LOL! What an awesome group of not-blogger bloggers there! 😀

    I still find myself trying to figure out what kind of statement Walmart or the tshirt brand was trying to make with that shirt. 😉 TheHubs pointed it out to me probably a month ag, while we were grocery shopping, and I’ll admit… I kinda growled at it, thinking WTH?

  2. I honestly bought it as a joke… why not, right? If you can’t laugh at yourself, who CAN you laugh at? 😉 I’m into ironic humour, so thank you for posting all of these here so I can see that other bloggers have a sense of humour too! (BTW, you rock!!)

  3. When I first saw the shirt I was like I had to buy it and I think it was bought as a joke at first but I have to say its grown on me and I love wearing it when I blog.

    I wonder what walmart said when they saw an increase in the shirt purchases? I am sure more is to come..

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