A Little Bit Of Everything….

I’m doing something completely different today on my YouTube channel. I am pretty connected in the Canadian blogger community. I also have a few super funny bloggy friends in the USA, but I am not really very in the know with the YouTuber’s.

I thought it was time to change that.

So, Kat Bouska is this amazing blogger, vlogger, and YouTuber and I am sort of digging everything that she has going on.

The challenge was A Little Bit Of Everything Tag…

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I almost forgot to tell you this, I want you to meet Mrs. Marriage N Stuff. She is the YouTuber who told me that I had to start following Mama’s Losing it. 


And in case I haven’t told you this lately, you rock.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

But, next time you show up, could you please bring some vodka…?