Summer Holiday….

Summer holidays for Whirlwind started June 18th.

Today is July 10th, actually, I don’t really even know the date. I just feel toasted.

So toasted.

Whirlwind is toasted too.  She wants routine. And Bot? Well, he wants his sister-free days back.

It is time to entertain.

So, let’s do this thing.

First I let the kids pick 2 #Gloriousmesses projects from Green Works….

image6 (1)

First up Bird Houses….

image5 (1)


Next up?


image4 (1)



Now its time to clean our #gloriousmesses up!


image1 (1)


Hey, if you make some good summer messes, make sure you share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with #gloriousmesses hashtag. It’s super fun to see how desperate all the Momma’s are getting this summer.

I kid.

I don’t.

I am pretty much surgically attached to my Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes.

True Fact.

Thanks so much to Green Works Canada for providing me with all the tools to make #gloriousmesses in my home and to keep the kids from killing each other for 15 minutes.