Our Prairie Adventure Part 1…

Please note that we did receive hotel stays with IHG as a perk for sharing our family adventure with the readers of Mommy’s Weird. 

My Dad always told me that it was okay to come home and “gather your roots.” My roots are in the prairies.  I need the sky. I need the fields. I need my family.  I need the dirt roads. I need my friends. I need my small town.

I need to go home.

Sometimes I need to get home as fast as I can.

Having kids can make the 13 hour drive home a little tricky.

If the kids are sleeping, into a movie, or not hitting each other, then we just drive and miss parts of Canada that I really want to see. Please note the beautiful lake in the background….


and the guard rail…..


and the reflection of the passenger side mirror….


Nice, eh.


But, you do what you got to do to get home.  And we were pretty much “Giver, Giver, Chicken Liver” to get ourselves to Manitoba.

For us, our first home away from home was Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. 

Holiday Inn Swift Current

We always book a hotel with a pool. Its the only way we can tire out our little turkeys after their “car naps”!

Side Note: Why do kids nap so late on road trips?


Holiday Inn Swift Current

Seriously, look at her face. This kid is never going to go to bed before midnight….

Holiday Inn Swift Current


If you read Mommy’s Weird on a regular basis, you will know that my kids are very early risers. It is nothing for our kids to start their day at 4:50 am.  Believe it or not they slept in at our Holiday Inn. With the combination of pool, flat screen t.v, queen beds and 7 hours of travel under their little belts, we hit up the free breakfast at 6:30 am…

Holiday Inn Swift Current

After eating absolutely EVERYTHING (I wish I was kidding) we were then back on the road for 7:05 am….

Holiday Inn Swift Current


6 hours later we were at our destination in Manitoba for Cornishfest.

FYI: Cornishfest is when my immediate family gets together. I would include photos, but my family gets all weird about my blog, so just imagine me, my 2 brothers, my sister, my parents, my sister inlaws and 5 grandkids and a big old dog, playing baseball and drinking beer.  Can you see it?

It was pretty awesome.

That is the reason you have to get home to “gather your roots”.


Thanks again to IHG for making this family vacation a memory maker. 

I rarely ever look forward to our drive home, but I am this time because we are going to take our sweet time and spend one in night in Saskatchewan and one in Alberta. We are going to make some amazing family memories. Ones that don’t involve stops only to pee and fill up the tank with gas.

And this time, I refuse to take all my photos through the van window. 

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