Do You Step Up?

I am not sure how to talk about this without the entire post sounding like me complaining about my “First World Problems”. I guess that these are my problems and yes, I do live in the First World. So here goes….

I do everything I need to do for our family. For the most part I want to do it. I mean, sure I don’t want to strip pee soaked sheets at 2:45 am, but I do it, I don’t complain, I change my baby boys pj’s and kiss him good night with a new blankey and wish him sweet dreams.

But, I feel like when it comes to our family, I don’t go above and beyond.

I do what is expected and I don’t really step up.

But, lately, I have been noticing that my regular every day stuff just isn’t good enough. I need to do more for my family. I need to do more to keep our heads afloat. Its not just enough being the Momma.

I talk a bit more about it here…..

So what about you?

Are you stepping up for your family?

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