Beach Ready…

Recently I was at a big group play date at the beach.

For the record, I love taking the kids to beach.  I used to full on hate it.  It was always too much work, but now that the kids are 4 and 7 it is so much fun. Basically because they can now entertain themselves.

It’s pretty heavenly.

What is NOT heavenly would be my legs.

I don’t really care about my hairy legs.

But, they are usually a topic of conversation.

I will spare you the photos because I have done that many times on Mommy’s Weird.

One of the play date Mom’s told me she started using this….

July_Beach Ready_Nair Cire Divine (1)


Now listen, I haven’t tried this.

But, my friend has and she is absolutely over the moon in love with it. So, I was pretty stoked that she liked it because I was recently sent a sample to use and I gave it to her to use instead.

You microwave the Nair Cire Divine Argan Oil with Pain Reducer,  put it on hair even as short as 2mm and then gently rip it off.

I just cringe thinking of it.

But, apparently it works. This stuff is almost pain free and according to my friend she only needs to use it every 3 weeks.

Now THAT I can get behind.

I promise to periscope the event if I do it.

Please note the part where I say, “if I do it.”

I am so proud to be chosen as a Church & Dwight Ambassador, I do get perks through out the year to tell you about the products I am using or in this case, the products my friends are using.