Paying Attention….

I am starting to pay more attention to my health.

I am not “going vegan” or doing anything crazy like joining Cross Fit.

Good Lawrd.

Listen, I admire those that do it, but it is NOT for me.

I’ve always been pretty active, though not in amazing shape.  I am still the last of my friends to climb up Eager Hill.  Sometimes during Wallyball games, I have to lie on the ground because I think I am having a heart attack.  I hate taking the stairs, that is why God invented elevators.

My problem is that I put a ton of crap in my body.

I do not treat it like a temple.

I treat it like a garbage truck.

I sort of smell like one too.


Here are the biggest changes I have made in the last 5 weeks;

1. Drinking more water.

2. Eating more vegetables.

3. Taking a multivitamin.











I have a confession.

I did have a #4 on the list, but I knew you wouldn’t believe me.


As hard as it is to remember to do #1, #2 and #3.

Its #4 that is the hardest.

Okay give me a moment.

Yes, I am cutting back on my summer cocktail intake.

I know.

I can’t even talk about it.

I love being part of the Church & Dwight team. Yes, I do get some perks to chat about their products that I use.  And I love them because they love me and treat me super well and let me be me. MUAH!