Weight Watchers…

I recently posted this on Facebook…..

“Ok. I am taking the plunge and being really honest with ya’ll….

I’m fat.

And it doesn’t usually cause me problems until recently…

I was sad on my trip to and from Vegas. Not sad to go because I was going to miss my family. Not sad to leave because I was going to miss my girls.

I was sad because I was too fat for my seat on the plane.

I am an active, smart, confident, funny and incredibly good looking woman. But, I am not okay with being cramped and uncomfortable because of my weight. I refuse to let it control my life in this way.

So today is the day that I signed up for Weight Watchers Canada. I am doing it with support of Erica Ehm’s YummyMummyClub and my friend This Bird’s Day

But the timing couldn’t have been better for me.

So there. I am being honest with you. If you want to do this with me, I would love the support. I know that before I had Whirlwind (8 years ago) my weight loss success was in having a group of friends do this with me. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet and I like that this is how Weight Watchers approaches it.

Plus, I love a challenge. If you don’t lose 10lbs with in the first 2 months, YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK! I KNOW RIGHT?!

So what do you have to lose? Besides 10 lbs…. or in my case 50 lbs. BAHAHAHA. I kill me.

Here is the link if you want to join me http://bit.ly/1FPw6oe

So I have started today on the treadmill, tracking my food and telling my Weirdies.

Wish me luck. Let’s do this thing! ‪#‎betyou10lbs‬ ”

And then I jumped on the scale.

I give you my starting weight….




I plan on being really honest about myself and this journey with you.

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12 thoughts on “Weight Watchers…

  1. Good for you for taking control of it! I recommitted to WW again this year and have (to date) lost 22 lbs. I had a rough month of April (lots going on), but am back on track for May. Admittedly, the first couple of weeks always suck – it’s hard to get used to caring/counting/measuring/etc – but it quickly just becomes a habit. You can do this!!!!! (And apparently they don’t have the Bet you 10 Lbs program here in the US – what’s up with that?!?!)

    1. THEY DON’T!? Grrrr.. I am sorry.that its only in Canada.
      So far so good. I am not measuring but doing amazing and not eating the entire house after 7 pm!

  2. I was 207 lbs when i started weight watchers YES i can fat…Stuck to plan and i hit my goal weight of 140 in just 8 months!!! That was 2 years ago. LIFETIME member. YIP i gained alot back,…3 weeks ago i started again at 172 now iam down to 166 and COUNTING!! I am going for goal again. You can do it. Make sure to drink LOADS of water 🙂 LUCK!!

  3. You’re a brave woman to put your *actual* weight for the world to see. Brave, I tell you! And good on you for taking this thing by the ears and going for it! We’ve got your back!

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