Grace and Frankie…

When I heard about the premise for Grace and Frankie on Netflix, I knew it was a show that I just HAD to watch: Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen, Jane Fonda and that kid from Empire Records all in a family dynamic that has 2 men in their seventies leave their wives to marry each other and live as husband and husband?


Sign me up.

Zed and I watched the first few episodes and we liked it. We thought it was smart and funny.  But, what I most want to know is what my parents think about it.  I want to know if my Mother finds the trials of Grace and Frankie being single and finding themselves, as entertaining as I do?

My Mom is visiting soon.

I will let you know then.

For now here is the trailer for Grace and Frankie….


I get some fun perks from Netflix Canada in exchange for telling you about what I am binging on.  It rocks to be part of their #StreamTeam. I will never leave. Even when they kick me out. ps. I am also binge watching Party of Five. Oh Bailey….Party of Five