Cirque Du Soleil….

Every time I arrive home from Vegas everyone wants to know what Cirque du Soleil show I was able to check out. And every time I go to Vegas I have to politely tell people that I was far to drunk in the piano bar to even think about checking out a show.

Yes, Ladies, I was a Cirque du Soleil virgin.

Until last Friday Night….

Last week I was in Calgary for a Travel Media Association of Canada Alberta NWT Conference…..

which was partly organized by the lovely Jody Robbins….



and stayed at the lovely Hotel Arts….

Hotel Arts

and got to hang out with my friends from Family Fun Canada and My Dirt….


and treated to my very first Cirque- Kurios Cabinet of Curiousities!



I honestly had no expectations going in and was beyond into it. I was clapping, whooting, whistling and shaking in my boots.

Misty of Life Where We Are was also a Cirque virgin. We kept giggling and gasping and grabbing at each other. She was the best date to lose my virginity with.

Look how happy we are….


No regrets for us.

The show is in Calgary until May 24th, 2015.


If you go…

be careful of bouncing fish.