Parenting Techniques….

Before we get to our parenting techniques, you should know the kind of person I am. I am a person who is invited to be on National TV and hit celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels in front of super model Tyra Banks. 

Fab Life 5

My husband was giving the kids a bath when I heard this…





This went on about 15 more times with Whirlwind yelling, “MILK!” and Bot yelling, “WATER!”

I could hear splashing.

I could hear the frustration in their voices.

I could hear tears.

Then suddenly I heard my husband yell this…


Then silence.

And then all I heard was uncontrollable laughter.

From all of them.

I smiled and all I could think of was how truly lucky I am to have a husband that not only gets his wife, but he gets his kids too.

We all get each other.

I don’t need or want for anything else. If this is all I get, then I am definitely okay with that.