We Get To Choose….

When I was growing up I didn’t get to choose my friends.  It was a hindrance and a blessing.

It was a hindrance because of exactly what I said.

I am so literal.

There was such a small pool of kids that you pretty much had to hang out with everyone.  I would also say that growing up in a small town made bullying pretty rampant. You were popular or you weren’t. There really wasn’t much of an in between in a town of 238 people.

It was a blessing because all of those women are my friends today. They were forced into it and for that I am so lucky. My elementary, my high school and my college friends are all still in my life.  When I see them it goes right back to the last time we saw each other. There is no bad blood.

Basically because I am not a “bad blood” kind of girl.

Okay. That is not entirely true.

You do me wrong, I will remember. You lie to me, I will remember. You bluff me, I will remember.

I would be a great Soprano.

Like on the t.v show, not the singer….

Could you imagine what it must be like to be one of those people who keep a huge track record of who has “wronged them”. Or that they have “wronged” so many people that they have totally forgotten? How do they sleep at night? Icky.


Now, I get to choose my friendships.

Today, as an adult. I get to choose who is worthy of my time.

And that is also a hindrance and a blessing.

It was easier not having a choice. You just had to be friends with such and such because she was the only other girl living in town. Oddly it usually worked out pretty damn well.

Today, I do enjoy having a choice.

I like spending my time with those I want to spend time with.

And its working out perfectly.

So you, yeah you, you big jerk, take off, eh.



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