Damn You Mascara….

I have been having an epic battle with my mascara and bed time make up removal routine.  I like waterproof mascara and I like waking up in the morning and not looking like a damn raccoon.

This is me today.

Side note: I was trying to find where to look in my phone to take this photo. I look a tad freaky. I apologize if you have nightmares of this….



And today I tried Garnier Clean + for Sensitive Skin  on the right side of my face and my regular make up remover on the left side of my face.

Makeup off

I have to say that not only did Garnier Clean + for Sensitive Skin work much better on taking off my waterproof mascara than my regular remover, but that side of my face, feels totally cleansed. The left side that I used my regular remover on feels tight in comparison.


If you look at the the toilet paper on the right (I ran out of pads yesterday, I kid you not, I was doing my toe nails for Vegas) you can see that Garnier Clean Plus actually got my mascara. The toilet paper (pad, ahem) on the left missed it and my lipstick all together.



Look at the dust on my dresser. It did not look like that when I took the photo.

Obviously this is my opinion. You will have to give it a whirl and see if it works well for you. You can read other reviews here. Also, its approved by the Canadian Dermatology Association and contains no alcohol,  dyes or fragrances.  You can also follow #GarnierSensitive #CLEANPLUSFACEOFF

Product has been provided by Garnier Canada, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Garnier Canada.