Valentine’s Day Giveaway….

I don’t really get Valentine’s Day.

When I was single it was a terrible day. It made me feel like a big fat pathetic lump. I always let myself feel “less than.”

When I was 23 years old, with a boyfriend, my friend Sarah and I started giving each other Valentine’s Days cards. We had decided that even though we had boyfriends. We were going to remain friends longer than these guys were going to stick around. ¬†For many years, we sent THE EXACT same Valentine’s card back and forth to each other.

I know. We are adorable. But before you get all caught up with how sweet that was. We don’t do it anymore. I think the card is lost. I probably lost it, but I like to think that Sarah did and that she ruined our amazing Valentine’s Day tradition.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is a present for you from me. Unless Sarah somehow gets a hold of it and loses it….

A Wet n Wild Make Up Pack

lipstick lipstain blush illuminating powder eyeliner eyeshadow eyeshadow pallet nailpolish mascara 1


Plus, 3 flavours of Lypsyl and 3 mini sized bottles of Body Fantasies mists.

This prize pack is valued at over $50! CANADA ONLY and ENDS February 15th!

Happy Valentines Day Weirdies!

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