New Kids On The Block…

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was Grade 7. Or Grade 8?  Okay. Maybe I don’t remember it like it was yesterday, but it’s my story and this is my version of events….

I had just been “moved” to a new school.  I say moved because I was a real jerk at the current school I was at. And something had to give.  Sadly, I was also a jerk at the new school I was moved to. Are you sensing a theme?

If I was a jerk at my old school and at my new school, I was obviously a jerk at home. So its no wonder that my Mom told me I couldn’t go see, “New Kids On the Block” when they were in Winnipeg.

I was devastated.

My new friends, Jessica and Melanie, were going.  Their parents had even arranged for them to spend the night at a relative’s home.  I just couldn’t understand why my Mom said “NO!”.  Sure, Winnipeg was a 4 hour drive.  Sure, I had just transferred to this new school.  But, Melanie and Jessica were truly the kind of kids that I needed to be hanging out with. Not the kids that bummed smokes from old men for a quarter.

I still think about missing that concert.

I loved New Kids On The Block.

I loved Joey and Jordan.

I full on loved them.

They were my #FirstCrush

Well after Randy and Clayton.

I couldn’t resist blonde boys.

Back to NKOTB….

What if they came to my school?  What if they met me and were charmed by my ways?  What if they asked me to go on tour with them? What if I became a famous singer?

My Jr. High years were filled with “What If’s”…..


I have become addicted to

I pretty much only go on the site to look at Hobbies and Collectibles because I love all the kitschy little things from my childhood and my siblings childhood.  My siblings were born in the 1960’s, so I grew up with lots of their toys and memorabilia.

I need this Wayne Gretzky pen.

And I would pretty much die if I could ever find one of these….

NKOTB watch

I am taking part in the #FirstCrush campaign. And I’m crushing it…



7 thoughts on “New Kids On The Block…

  1. I went to that concert and it was AWESOME, I literally could not hear a thing for 3 days but it was SO worth it! I was in grade 5 and my heart belonged to Jordan… I slept with my Jordan barbie every night and I freaked when I thought I spotted him at the local 7-Eleven in one of the shadiest areas I might add, standing by a pay phone. It took everything in me but must most of all my mom holding me back from jumping the poor guy.

  2. Haha I totally remember when they came to calgary, I was also a “jerk” and my parents wouldn’t let me go, I totally thought they were ruining my life, it was awful. My mom ended up buying me a shirt from Kmart and it almost made it better. Almost.

  3. I just checked and there are FOUR NKOTB watches listed; one for about $12.00 – which is like $100 in Canadian dollars, sorry!
    It was Rolling Stones and the Monkees for me;)

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