I’m Not A Craft Mom…

I don’t really like doing crafts with the kids.

It’s not the mess that I mind, because our house is constant damn mess.

For me its the effort. It’s the effort to plan the craft and then watch them lose interest about 35 seconds in.

Case in point here…

(Ok. I admit it. I am embellishing. This craft idea took a whopping 6 seconds to plan.)

Easy Kid Crafts


Whirlwind was a little bit more into it.  So, she kept painting while Baby Bot was practicing his Ninja moves with a Hello Kitty microphone.

Easy Kid Crafts

I am part of the #gloriousmesses campaign with Green Works. In exchange for having a blast with my little minions they provide our family with some wicked perks. 

Easy Clean Up with Green Works #gloriousmesses