What A B*tch….

Today a friend asked me if she could take Baby Bot to her house for a playdate and lunch.

I didn’t reply to her text.

Then I ran into her at a play group. Baby Bot was playing with her son and I was reading Macleans magazine. Side note: Bot doesn’t require much work. I take him to play groups and forget where I am as I read, text or play with my split ends.

Back to the story….

She said, “Get out of here, go home, I will watch him, we will walk home, I will feed him lunch and then you can come pick him up at one.”

I replied with, “I have nothing to do.”

She laughed and said, “Go read at home.”

“I guess I could shower”. I said.

“Go second hand store shopping.” She said. “That’s what I would do.”

“I will buy to much retro pyrex.” I told her.

I was stalling.

I didn’t want to leave him.

Not because I don’t trust her. Or like her or her kid. But, its because I like Baby Bot. A lot.  I love my time with him.  He is such a fun, easy kid that I do everything with him. And I want to do everything with him.

So now I have 2.5 hours to myself to do something.  The thing is, there is nothing I can’t do because of Baby Bot.

He has been to meetings with the school Principal.

He has been to Girls Lunches.

He has been to appointments with my Social Media Clients.

He has been to the mall and watched me try on bathing suits.

He has been to dental appointments.

He has been to pap smears.

With Whirlwind I couldn’t wait to hand her off.  It’s not because I don’t like spending time with her. The fact is- she is me. And raising me is hard.  Baby Bot is his Dad. And Zed is my most favourite person to be around. He is kind. He is funny. He is the best.

So what am I going to do?

I might watch Gilmore Girls.

I might fold some laundry.

I think I will work out, then have a long shower and maybe shave something.

On second thought, why couldn’t she have called me on Monday to set this up, I could have gone cross country skiing or to a Yoga Class.

What a bitch.

Hey since you are here you my as well know that I was on the FABLife with Tyra Banks and Jillian Michaels and I hit Jillian. I did. I really did.

Fab Life 6



7 thoughts on “What A B*tch….

  1. We were just watching the video on FB and saying how much Babybot is like his dad. When has his sister ever spoken so slowly, ever? She is so – you! He is so laidback and sweet and easy. God, I hope to teach him one day. Fingers crossed!!!!

  2. Ha! This is funny. I don’t relate at ALL because my kids are both terrors (two boys? What was I thinking?!) but it makes me wonder where my friends are who should be offering this kind of thing. 😛

  3. My kids are exactly the same. I am a mom of 4. Three girls, one boy. I could take my boy anywhere but his sisters? Nope.

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