Funny Women Authors…

My Mother in law is the best gift giver on the entire planet. She listens to all the ridiculous things I say to her and then remembers those things and buys me the most wonderful Christmas gifts.

I say things like this….

“Oh, I love infinity scarves!”

“My feet are so rough!”

“I love hummus!”

And boom! Next thing you know, I will have a home made scarf, amazing lotion, and funky spices wrapped under the tree.

Yeah. She is that good.

But, the best thing she does is ask me what books I would like for Christmas.  I tell her. And she spoils me with at least 2 brand new hard cover books each and every Christmas. She truly makes my Christmas each and every year. Now, I know Christmas is NOT about the gifts. But, it is about the books.  This year she spoiled me with Amy Poehler’s, “Yes Please”, and Lena Dunham’s “Not That Kind Of Girl”