Sounds Of The Holidays…

We are totally into Christmas waaaaay too early this year.

And I blame Songza and their Christmas Genre AND our new favourite toy…

Its our new Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

Never in my entire life have I heard anything so amazing.

How can something so damn tiny make such amazing sound? It makes no sense to me.  We’ve been using it for weeks now and Zed and I still freak out every time we turn it on.  It’s also our first Bluetooth Speaker and I shizzle you not, it took a whopping 7 seconds to hook it up.

photo (80)

No joke.

I have always heard about how amazing Bose is, but I sort of didn’t pay attention to the fact.

But, I will tell you that we are now absolutely hooked on the brand.

And its not just the brand. It’s this freakn’ speaker.

It’s amazing.

Beyond amazing.

Look how little this little mofo is…

Bose SoundLink Mini

Yes, those are a pair of sunglasses so you could compare the size.

It’s beyond mind blowing to me.

I know good things come in small packages but how can something so tiny sound so damn good.  And you can just move it anywhere you want in the house.  Going for a tub? Take it along.  Baking? Set it on the oven.  Doing laundryoutside? Bring it with you. It fits in the palm of your hand. CRAZY. It has a docking station you can use, but stays charge for 7 hours.

I am in awe.

Awe, I tell you.


Right now its available at Staples  for around $200.  Everyone needs this. E V E R Y O N E. You are going to have some people go bananas on Christmas morning once they plug this sucker in and crank the holiday tunes.  Total #SoundsoftheHolidays.  Big kisses to the gang at Staples for letting me not only try this out but change our music listening needs forever. Kiss, Kiss!