I Love My Elf on The Shelf…

Due to popular demand I bring you…

Jody Loves Her Elf On The Shelf

Dear Kyla,

What do you have against the Elf on the Shelf? How can you not love the lanky little darlin’ with the mischievous twinkle in his eye or the perky little earring-wearing Missus that has joined the Elf family as of late? They are not that creepy!

I had to write you this letter because I fear you are being pressured by all of the Elf on the Shelf haters to join their club. I see that many of them are out in full force today with lots of snarky comments and cranky blogs being shared about how crazy and competitive us “Elf Moms” are all year long in December.

Please, don’t be misled by them, Kyla. They just don’t know any better.

Why wouldn’t you want to spend hours upon hours in December (and November) thinking of creative and mischievous things for your elf (or elves) to do. It’s not like it’s a busy time of the year!

The haters must be rolling their eyes when they see that this year we added to the tradition and now have TWO elves to entertain us. The second elf was not my idea but that of my 10 year who adores our elf so much she wanted to get a girlfriend for him to keep him company. I was pressured delighted to grant her that wish.

It’s ALL about the wine kids, right?

Kyla, please don’t listen to the haters when they say we #EOTS Moms are crazy competitive. That’s not true. If I was competitive, I wouldn’t be sharing my pics and helping others come up with ideas that will entertain their kids when they find out what Elfy was up to last night.

It has NOTHING to do with showing off my creative demented mind. Some days I don’t even post pics (those are usually the days when I’m hungover not feeling the most creative).

Come on, Mommysweird, join in the fun. I know you have lots of demented ideas about how your elf could get into trouble/entertain the kids! Join us drunk fun moms, fill your wine glass heart with love!!!

Love, Jody

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