You know when you get into a book and you just want to ignore your entire family and hide up in your room and read and read and read and read..?

I just finished such book.

It’s called “Between” by Angie Abdou.  This book is fantastic.  It is the story of Vero who is struggling with being a Mother and ultimately saving herself and her family by hiring Ligaya from the Philippines as their nanny.  The story is as much about  young Ligaya, who has left her family and life in the Philippines to come to Canada and start a new life, as it is about Vero’s struggles.

I totally related to this book in ways that surprised me.  And I don’t really like telling you that. Because now I feel like I am telling you a secret about how I feel about being a Mom.

I like being a Mom.

But, I wanted a career.

And having both was really hard for me to do.  And being a stay at home has been really hard for me to do. And running my own business and staying at home has been the answer to my needs, but most of the time, I feel like the business is doing really well, but the care of my children is sort of…. slacking.

I really saw myself in the character of Vero.  I mean, not near the end, I was really surprised by that, although totally turned on by the vacation to Mexico,  but I understood it, it made sense to me.

Was that too many comma’s?


The other part of the book that I related to in a way I did not expect was the relationship between foreign worker and their employers. I have friends who have nannies and it is a very interesting relationship to watch.  Its beautifully sad and surprisingly comical. Our family also recently hosted a foreign exchange student for 6 months, so I totally get the attempts to build a relationship with another adult woman in your home to the language barrier to speaking slowly without using plurals.


There is so much that I want to tell you about this book, but, I need you to read it first. Can you please just hurry up and read it and then message me so we can talk about it?!


I am begging you.

I loved this book.

I devoured it like oreo ice cream.

Yup, its that good.

p.s I encourage you to buy this book at your local book store.