Making #Gloriousmesses

Baby Bot has been a bit off today.

He asked for some alone time and then went and hid under his sister’s bed and announced, ” I just want some time ah-whone.”

During his “alone time”, I set up a bunch of Fall/Halloween crafts for Whirlwind to do.

Eventually he crawled out for under the bed…..

3 yr old Baby Bot: Momma, why did you put ah-wl diss stuff out here?

Me: Because we are having fun craft time.

3 yr old Baby Bot: Oh. I was vewy surpwised to see ah-wl diss…






You got it friends, in exchange for letting my children go nutso in my living room with glitter, I did receive some perks from Clorox. But same spiel as always if I didn’t dig these products I would not be sharing with you. FYI: I can hear Zed using the dust buster as I type this.  I better go help clean up!





4 thoughts on “Making #Gloriousmesses

  1. You allow glitter in your house?! Are you crazy or a hero? We have not allowed ‘free glitter’ since the glitter disaster of 2006. We had to move out of that house to get rid of it.

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