A Kids Gotta Read…

My kids have a reading problem.

Not only did Whirlwind teach herself how to read when she was three. But, now she is teaching Baby Bot how to read.


You are hearing all this correctly.

Zed and I breed geniuses.


Our kids are currently obsessed with anything Asian. Mostly Japan because we just had an exchange student for 6 months. So when the opportunity came to review these books I was all over it.

This is the Greatest Place is all about little animals exploring and building a new palace for the emperor in China.  It is a truly beautiful book.


 The Forbidden City is for older children and pretty fact filled with history, culture and art of China.



My kids have experienced some loss over the last year. We lost my daughters best friends Dad.  This book is a true gift to us.  It’s called My Yellow Balloon. It is beautiful. I recommend it to any family dealing with grief.






And last and probably least for me is The Roaming Reindeer.  You all know how I feel about The Elf on The Shelf. My friend Shauna says it best, Charming Tradition My Ass.  By far that is the most popular thing ever read on Mommy’s Weird.  So, when the opportunity came for me to review a new family tradition, I can pretty much say I was willing to try out anything that had nothing to do with that damn elf.

Enter The Roaming Reindeer….

Roaming-Reindeer-Cover-border-220x220  276614_orig

So, the idea is that the 2 Reindeer work together. And its more about team work than anything else. To be honest, its perfect for the lazy mother who doesn’t want to make her little jerky elf create elaborate scones in the kitchen every night.

So Reindeer #1 flies back to tell Santa if you are naughty and Reindeer #2 hangs out and holds down the fort. There still is a little bit of shaming involved which might not be a bad thing.

Okay, maybe it is. My daughter hates that elf. It freaks the crap outta her and we had to send it “Chippy” back to Santa a few years ago.

Listen, I am not saying I am going to do this. But, I will say that I dig the idea of Gus and Sam better than that creepy little elf.

Note:  I did receive these books in exchange for telling you about them in a very Mommy’s Weird like entertaining way.